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Thank you, World Prayer Team!

December 11, 2019 2019 Dec International feature

Here’s to another year traveling on our knees around the world.

I like to start my days with good news. The TTB World Prayer Team daily email is part of each morning. It is very encouraging to read about people who are being saved, growing in Christ, and serving by reaching out themselves to others. This is my source for seeing how God is at work in each nation one person at a time. It allows me to know specifically where and how to pray each day. Thank you for TTB's work to send the Word to the world. I pray for you and each of the people and places mentioned in the email each day. I have been on the Bible Bus now since 1980, and I am blessed to support this ministry. I am glad to see it carries on with the same vision as Dr. McGee's.  —Bill H.

This worldwide prayer journey has impacted me often. The daily email reminds me to be faithful in praying for people all over the world. It encourages me with letters of praise and thanksgiving coming from brothers and sisters. I am called to worship and celebrate over every new believer. I am thankful that we will have eternity to meet and fellowship with every one of the writers of the letters. Lastly, I thank God each day for those who work to keep it going, and that God has allowed me to be a part of it too.  The journey begins again tomorrow, and I'm ready to go!!! Thank You, Jesus! —Carol S.

I have been on the Bible Bus since 1994 and on the prayer team since its inception. I am constantly amazed by the fact that God's Word is so powerful and penetrating and how it stimulates our connection when we grow by it; we have so much in common because of that one bond, even though we may be so diversified in our educational, social, and cultural backgrounds. I am so thankful to be part of a group faithful to the Lord's command to "occupy till I come" in praying for the lost to be reached for Christ until the final one joins by faith and the Body is complete! —Ruth C.

I absolutely love to hear the testimonies of those who were in total despair, and without hope until they heard the Word of God through TTB. Some of the stories bring tears to my eyes when I hear how lives have been transformed, families restored, and entire communities/villages revitalized because of God's Word. Now that I see how the gospel impacts lives and countries, I see the importance of partnering with TTB to take the whole Word to the whole world both in prayer and financial support. One can think: What difference will my little prayer make? But James 5:16b tells us that the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Imagine the impact when this is multiplied by hundreds of believers! –Valeria S.

It has been very encouraging for us to see the hunger of people all over the world, who have very little, but their hunger for God. They encourage, challenge, and humble us and give us a greater resolve to be a part in getting God’s Word out to the whole world. We are also thankful to have brothers and sisters all over the world that we can join with in prayer and are encouraged by the Bible studies on TTB just as we are. Thank you for your faithfulness in this ministry. May it continue this year to build up the body of Christ globally. —Your fellow Bible Bus passengers, Tim and Patsy M.

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