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One Region | One Request: Africa

July 29, 2019 image_African women with baby

One of our newest languages, Lingala—spoken by 70 million people in Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, and the Central African Republic—is now available on The addition of Lingala brings us to over 100 languages on and our companion global app.

A visit with Thru the Bible’s Lingala producer, Barnabe Muanda

image_Barnabe Muanda“I praise God for the consistent production of 30 Thru the Bible programs per month. We would have done more, but because the technician doesn’t understand Lingala, he first records the translation and waits for the producer so that they can sit together for editing. We are so grateful to the Lord that all is going well in this loving environment.

“Secondly, the translation itself is going well and is about to finish. We only have the minor prophets and Revelation left to record.

“Third, we thank God for the perfect collaboration of the producer and translators as well as the commitment of the TTB-Lingala team while we produce, edit, and translate. To God be the glory.”

Prayer Requests and challenges

  1. Pray for the translators as they edit the scripts.
  2. Pray for good health for the producer, Barnabe Muanda—he suffers with pain in his eyes and headaches.
  3. Pray for access to a second station in Kinshasa.

Our unique opportunity in Africa

To reach more than a billion people, Thru the Bible often teaches the teachers who have no other access to biblical training. Many African pastors have said, “You are my seminary.”

Thru the Bible is heard in ​5 languages throughout Africa.

Afrikaans, 2002 * Amharic, 1999 * Bambara, 2005 * Chichewa, 1988 * English (African), 1999 * English, 1973 * Fongbe, 2009 * French (African), 2003 * Gikuyu, 2006 * Hausa, 1999 * Kinyarwanda, 2014 * Kirundi, 2001 * Lingala, 2017 * Luganda, 2015 * Malagasy, 2003 * Oromo, 2004 * Portuguese, 1997 * Pular, 2003 * Shona, 2001 * Somali, 2001 * Swahili, 1992 * Tigrinya, 2006 * Tswa, 1997 * Twi, 2008 * Umbundu, 2003 * Yoruba, 1999 * Zulu, 1995