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One Region | One Request: Northeast Asia

May 29, 2019 Happy Chinese couple

We praise God that in a region dominated by China, the Word of God goes out and produces fruit in the most unlikely places. Let’s hear from those on the ground in Northeast Asia about how God is at work and how specifically to pray.

About Thru the Bible’s Mandarin program:

We thank God that despite the local situation(s), the local church is able to grow steadily. Our contacts enjoyed and felt helped by Mandarin-TTB, especially in areas where resources are not readily available to them.

Please pray that God will use Thru the Bible to help the local believers have a deeper understanding of God and that their faith will be strengthened so they are able to face the trials of life. Please pray also for our producer, Stephen Feng, and his wife that God continues to uphold their health. May this precious couple continue to impact those around them with their life and enthusiasm to serve God.

About Thru the Bible’s Cantonese program:

The Word of God does not return void, but accomplishes the purpose that pleases Him and the things which He sent it for. It is a great joy to hear from our listeners how God's Word and Cantonese-TTB have helped them. I remember a particular listener who listened faithfully to Cantonese-TTB and clung to the Word of God when he faced the trial of losing his job and, at the same time, his child was sick and needed long-term medical care. We interacted with him, prayed for him, and saw how he turned from despair to having the faith to trust God. It took him a few months to establish his condition, nonetheless he rose as a faith-filled husband and father to his wife and child. How faithful is our God!

Please pray with us that God will continue to use Hong Kong to reach the world for Christ! 

Our unique opportunity here:

Praise the Lord that Thru the Bible is heard again in Japan, within reach of one of the largest unreached people groups. Pray for creative opportunities to reach both urban China and people in the isolated countryside of Northeast Asia.

Thru the Bible is heard in ​5 languages throughout Northeast Asia.

Cantonese, 1988  *  Japanese, 1979  *  Korean, 1988  *  Mandarin, 1977  *  Mongolian, 2011