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"A Muslim Imam walked into our church and said..."

January 29, 2018 TTB Luganda logo

One year anniversary of Uganda’s new TTB program

Last year about this time, Thru the Bible began airing in Uganda in the Luganda language, though there it’s called Mmanya Baibuliyo. As a reflection of the power of God’s Word, look what happened almost right away:

A local Ugandan pastor said, “After only two weeks on the air, a prominent Imam from the local mosque showed up at our church. It caused quite a stir and some fear as well! This man is very well known … he is on the radio teaching Islam. He quickly told people not to fear. He said he had been listening to the new program, Mmanya Baibuliyo, and that morning God told him to get up and get dressed for church. He came to the church to tell the congregation that he wanted to accept Christ as his Savior!”

Here’s more from our producer, David Wamimbi, about TTB-Luganda’s first year and how he asks us to pray:

We are continuing well and consistently doing the task that the Lord Jesus Christ has given to us—to go and make disciples of all nations by teaching the whole Word.

We as a team thank Thru the Bible for sending Dr. McGee’s edited messages from which we translate our Luganda scripts. We appreciate all supporters in North America for giving us this opportunity to do something extraordinary for our people in Uganda who speak our own Luganda language. Thank you for generously praying and funding the program to sustain our ministry.

We are grateful to God for the increasing listeners in Uganda who are expressing deeper understanding of the Bible concepts we teach. One listener named Mrs. Nakuti wrote, “I used to read my Bible, but from any chosen portion at time. Now I know how to open and read my Bible systematically. People are able to discover the truth of God in that way. I hope the program will continue like this until we complete the whole Bible. I will be a transformed vessel of God.” The systematic Bible teaching is also helping several pastors to empower their congregations.

What started as a small program in Uganda in January 2017, today is growing to gain greatest audience, with tremendous impact on the lives of Luganda-speaking people in Uganda. This is a kind of program we exactly needed for our Christians today.

Prayer requests from our Luganda producer:

  1. Pray for individuals to adopt the TTB radio program, Mmanya Baibuliyo, for their regular learning of the whole Word of God. The greatest need of our church today in Uganda is consistent and committed studying of the Word of God.
  2. Please continue to pray for our production team to stay strengthened as they serve God in this ministry.
  3. Pray that we’ll be able to renew our contract with the Christian radio network every year.