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Jesus in Philippians

December 21, 2023


Jesus is at the very center of a believer’s life. He is what it means to live the Christian life. “For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (1:21). In the original language there’s no “is”—“For me, to live … Christ. And to die … gain.” What gain? The apostle Paul thinks of them—If I stick around, it’ll be for your gain. I’ll get to share more of Christ with you. But if I die, well I’m going to go be with Him. You can’t hurt a man who has choices like that.

The most important thing in our lives as Christians is to have the reality of Jesus Christ in our day-to-day reality—to live in fellowship with Him. Then our joy will be full and we will know His power. Then we will witness for Him. The source of those actions is our love and fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ. You do it because you love Him and want to please Him.

What does that look like in a Christians’ life? Philippians 2 shows us the pattern for godly living—it’s thinking like Jesus. So how can we do that?

Jesus—the one God lifted high in glory through suffering and resurrection—was also Jesus, the one who humbled Himself, became a servant to the needs and brokenness of a sinful world. Jesus made Himself nothing so that He could meet the needs of others.

As Paul sits in prison, he is glad in the Lord—why? Because he remembers how Jesus loved and how His example is the perfect call to unity. Is the gospel working in your life? You’ll know if you’re living like Jesus if you’re thinking of others. Adopt His selfless attitude as you focus on meeting the needs of others.

Above all things, the apostle Paul wants every believer to embrace the mind of Jesus Christ and to think like He thinks—not just about your own interests, but about the interests of others.

Let Jesus Christ Himself be your example as to what your attitude should be. Do you share His willingness to give up your rights in order to serve others? This is what Jesus was thinking when He came and died for us.

Others! Such an important word in the body of Christ.