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Jesus in Galatians

June 27, 2023

Freedom in Christ

Stand fast therefore in the liberty by whichChrist hasmade us free, and do notbe entangled again with ayoke of bondage. -Galatians 5:1

You know, don’t you, that we have been saved by grace rather than by law? Neither should the Law be the rule of life for the believer. We are saved by grace, and now we can live by grace. Grace supplies the indwelling and filling of the Spirit to make it possible for us to live on a higher plane than law demands. This all is our portion when we trust Christ as Savior.

In Christ we receive everything—salvation and sanctification. We don’t need to seek a second blessing. When you came to Christ, you got everything you needed. You have been blessed with all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus. Let’s believe Him and start trusting Him for all those spiritual blessings. Let’s stop trying some legal system or rote of rules.

We have a liberty in Christ. He doesn’t put us under a list of rules that we must do to please Him. The Ten Commandments are not our law of life. Certainly, we shouldn’t break the Ten Commandments—that would lead to our arrest by local authorities. But instead of living under the commandments, we’re called to a higher level to live.

That level is where there is freedom in Christ. You have a liberty in Jesus Christ that is not a rule, but a principle. Your conduct should please Jesus Christ and Him alone. Refuse the “yoke of bondage” that anyone else tries to put you under.

Your goal is to please the Lord—and if that’s your goal, your conduct will be just fine.