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Greetings from the Bible Bus | August 2022

July 27, 2022

“I grew up in a home where no one went to church and no one talked about Jesus. After I grew up, married, and had children of my own, I felt that Jesus was trying to reach me. So, I turned on my radio and started listening to preachers. I became even more confused as they all seemed to be teaching different beliefs. Then one day I found Dr. McGee and I loved his voice, so I kept listening. He made sense and I could follow his teaching. Long story short, I surrendered my life to Christ Jesus and from then on, one by one, my whole family did the same. I still listen to Dr. McGee every day and I always seem to learn something new. Keep the Bible Bus traveling to the hungry souls out there.”

-From Juanita in Florida

“Several years ago, I was about as far away from God as you can get. In fact, the thought of God never even entered my mind. Well, as you could guess, I made a mess of my life. One night, driving across Kansas on I-70 with nothing but corn fields on my right and left and in the quiet, I sensed God asking for my attention—that’s the only way I can describe it. To get away from that new—and awkward—feeling, I turned on the radio. The reception was bad on every station except one—a Christian radio station (go figure!). It was then I first heard that horrible southern drawl and quirky speech talk about our relationship with God. No way, I thought. I’m not listening to that voice. So, I went back to silence. A few minutes later, I turned it back on. Long story short, that horrible drawl was the first to introduce me to the thought that God loved me, and that Jesus died for me. A few days later, through other circumstances, I surrendered my life to Jesus, my Savior. By the way, I’ve been on the Bible Bus ever since that Kansas night, 11 years ago. Praise God for Dr. McGee and for that southern drawl. It’s the voice of an old friend now, and I love it more every day.” 

-From an unnamed friend on the Bible Bus