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Greetings from the Bible Bus | July 2022

June 30, 2022

Jamal’s story came to us via our TTB-Arabic audio ministry streamed on TWR’s Arabic digital platforms:

“I’m a carpenter and one day while I was repairing furniture in someone’s home, I came across a small book titled ‘Luke.’ I asked the person who had recruited me for the job about it and he answered carelessly that ‘some infidels gave it to me while I was traveling back home.’

“Something triggered in my heart, but I didn’t give it much thought. A week later while I was sitting and browsing through my phone, I was strangely reminded of the book that I saw in that house. So I started browsing the internet for the Bible and Christianity. I then came across a radio stream called ‘TWR Arabic’ and started listening. A program called ‘Thru the Bible’ caught my ears, and so I started focusing on it. Because it was mentioning some unique teachings on a religion I knew little about, I noted the time and day in order to listen again. After two months of regular listening, I decided to call the number that is mentioned at the end of the program.

“I called after each episode to ask about the Bible teaching and about Jesus Christ. Of course, at the beginning I mentioned what I had been taught through my inherited religion, that the Bible is corrupt and was misinterpreted. I asked them to explain why they call it the Word of God.

“Because of your thorough explanation through the program, your sincere follow up, your patience with my questions and doubts, along with what God is doing in my heart, I feel and believe there is no more room for doubt and ill-faith in Jesus. I want to declare that Jesus is Lord and I want to ask Him to cleanse me from my bad history full of sins. And if I ever doubted Jesus in the past, I regret that from the bottom of my heart. I want to follow Christ and see Him work in my life!”