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On Behalf of Millions ...

July 31, 2020

A thank you from Gregg Harris, TTB president

I often wish I could come to your home, sit in your living room (hopefully while sharing a cup of coffee!), and share the things I witness happening at Thru the Bible on a regular basis. As a listener to the program, you know Steve and I try to offer a taste of that experience, but we are always limited to just a few minutes of sharing.  

The first thing I would say to you is “thank you” on behalf of millions of people around the world who wait eagerly each day for the next program in their journey through the Word of God. Many of these people live in a kind of poverty that would stretch your imagination. Most have very little formal education, and some are illiterate. Others come from very dark backgrounds, like a listener I met in Nepal who used to be a witch doctor. Many are set free from bondage in idol worship and dark religious practices. Many listeners have turned to Christ from Muslim backgrounds. Numerous Imams (Muslim clerics) have secretly listened to Thru the Bible in their language and joyfully turned to Christ. 

People suffering in horrific conditions in prisons around the world find comfort, hope, and strength by listening to Thru the Bible. One man I met in India who was a gang leader found Christ listening to Thru the Bible in prison. He was released for good behavior and now pastors a number of churches. A successful businessman in Saudi Arabia came to faith in Christ watching our Arabic satellite TV program and had everything taken from him. They confiscated his money, sentenced him to 100 lashes in public, and put him in prison. He began leading many to Christ in that prison and later escaped the country. He is ministering to hundreds he has led to Christ after his release. 

A significant portion of our audiences suffer for their commitment to Jesus Christ. We hear accounts of people being disowned by their families, fired from their jobs, imprisoned, and questioned by the authorities. The most surprising thing we hear from those who are persecuted is that they do not ask us to pray for it to stop. They ask us to continue to give them the Word of God so they can be encouraged, strengthened, and honor Jesus Christ.  

I promise you that if you met these listeners and saw the joy in their eyes and the smiles on their faces, you would long to do everything you could to offer the systematic teaching of God’s Word to them. In most of the world, our listeners have no other resources to study the Word of God from cover to cover. That is why I would say “thank you” on their behalf. Thank you for praying and giving so we can give these thirsty souls the Living Water of Jesus Christ. Thank you for caring about people you will never meet on this side of eternity, but because of God’s saving grace and your partnership in the gospel, you may stand beside when we all worship Jesus in glory (see Revelation 7:9).