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COVID-19 Special Update

March 20, 2020 Corona mohamed-nohassi-odxB5oIG_iA-unsplash

Dear Friend,

“Beneath the mysteries of God are the purposes of God.”

Dr. McGee is teaching us that right now in our study of 1 Peter. By God’s design, this book about “hope in suffering” was perfectly timed to minister to our Thru the Bible family during this stressful season brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

In compliance with the California governor’s mandate to stay at home, our Pasadena office is now closed. That said, your calls will still be answered 24/7 and is still fully functional.

As you are likely home, too, and we are all out of our normal routines, we shouldn’t think for a moment that God isn’t fully present, fully at work, and fully in control. In fact, in times like these, His glory is best seen against the backdrop of people’s fear and uncertainty. 

Just this morning we got a great email from Carolyn, a general manager of a radio station that airs Thru the Bible. She writes: 

“I was really looking forward to hearing the sermon on facing all kinds of trials and why God’s children suffer, and I must admit, it was pretty much because I needed the reminder. (I was feeling a bit sorry for myself!) And then Gregg and Steve came on and talked about the couple who have been on the Bible Bus for decades who now are facing down cancer. My heart was pricked by the Holy Spirit. My trials will pass. Oh, my. How 30 seconds of broadcast can bring a grown woman to her knees …. God’s Word changes hearts and lives. So proud to be on the Bible Bus!”

Will you pray today and in the days to come, that people will seek out God in His Word?

By His grace and power, approximately 3,000 Thru the Bible programs will air globally in 120 languages today on the radio (that’s not even counting digital delivery through podcasts, online, satellite TV, thousands of home groups, etc.). Another 3,000 will go out again tomorrow and every day following in spite of the tremendous upheaval all around us. 

Each day, let’s pray more and more people discover the Lord to be “a very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1) as they “stumble upon” or come back on the Bible Bus. The world chooses fear and panic. We can choose faith and peace in our Lord Jesus Christ.

When this storm is over, I’m sure we’ll hear many reports of how God worked through your prayers in people’s lives. Let’s pray with that expectation. 

For all of us at Thru the Bible, we’re grateful for your partnership in prayer and ministry. 

For His glory,
Gregg Harris

Gregg Harris
President, Thru the Bible