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Can You Match the Language? Part 2

August 27, 2019 TTB in My Language Every day, Thru the Bible carries God’s Word to people living in nearly every corner of the earth. Test yourself to see if you can identify the language of these Thru the Bible broadcasts from the clues.
Language quiz 2

An email from a brave woman in the Arabic-speaking world:

“I heard about your Jesus for the first time a few weeks ago. It is forbidden to play any teaching—our leaders call it propaganda from the West. My son, risking his father’s anger, played your program for me on his phone. From the start, I knew it was the truth. In my heart it felt real. We listen every chance we get, when my husband is traveling, and we do not fear. My son has surrendered his life to Jesus the Christ. I do not fear for him because I believe God is with him. I fear for me, now, because now I do not have a choice since I believe too. I must follow where there is nothing but darkness. Please pray for me. Pray for a miracle—for my husband to come to a full surrender to Jesus.”