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Can You Match the Language?

June 25, 2019 Smiling Indian woman Every day, Thru the Bible carries God’s Word to people living in nearly every corner of the earth. Test yourself to see if you can identify the language of these Thru the Bible broadcasts from the clues. One of them is now in production as a television broadcast that will be viewed from some of the most remote places on earth as well as in the most densely populated urban centers.
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Do you know anyone who speaks these languages? Tell them how to listen to Thru the Bible in their own heart language either online or using the app available at These are just eight of the 120+ languages you can listen to on Look for more matching quizzes to come.

From a friend on the Bible Bus listening to the Persian broadcast of Thru the Bible (which is also being developed right now as a television program similar to the Arabic, Kolel el Ketab):

“My family and I are very interested in learning more about Jesus. As a child, I would pray to God, but I feared Him. In fact, it was my fear that caused me to pray and participate in religious traditions and ceremonies. When I was 20 years old, I heard your teaching about Jesus for the first time. This slowly drew me toward Christianity. Today I am no longer a Muslim but follow Jesus. My family and I would like to become good followers of Jesus Christ. Thank you for what you have done in helping us to understand the Bible.”