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What’s the Next Opportunity?

February 26, 2019 March 2019 Listening device outreach

Ready for a fast history lesson?

In the first century, expertly built roads helped to expand the Roman Empire, enabling trade and armies to move quickly to Rome’s entire kingdom. These roads also helped to carry the gospel from Jerusalem to the corners of the known world.

In 1448 (roughly 50 years before Columbus discovered America), the new printing press invention significantly impacted the spread of ideas in Europe and beyond. For the first time, people got to hold and read and own God’s Word for themselves, laying the foundation for the Protestant Reformation.

Fast forward another 500 years, to the 1940’s when Christian radio hit the airwaves. Dr. J. Vernon McGee, a pioneer in taking God’s Word to the masses, began his early radio programs, The Open Bible Hour (heard in the 1940’s and 50’s) and the High Noon Bible Class (the 1960’s). In 1967, Thru the Bible first broadcasted, hoping to reach people listening in the Los Angeles area.

  • First Roman roads carried the gospel to the world.
  • Then the printing press.
  • Then Christian radio and television.

Now God’s Word can be delivered immediately, easily, and crossing unprecedented boundaries.

Today, a digital revolution is transforming the delivery of God’s Word to our generation.

Because of digital delivery of Thru the Bible:

  • You can download the whole 5-years of Thru the Bible to study whatever, whenever, however you want.
  • You can listen to Dr. McGee teach on your smartphone.
  • Resources like the Solar Bible Bus and Bible Bus flash drive put our entire 5-year study in the palm of your hand.
  • Resources like the SD card and hand-wound speaker boxes take Thru the Bible into previously unreachable places.
  • All of this delivery can happen less expensively and more widely.
  • Energy, creativity, and financial resources can be reallocated to explore the next opportunity.

What’s next? We believe God is faithful to take His Word to everyone on earth who has ears to hear and hearts to follow Jesus Christ. God uses creative, willing people in every generation who are passionate about sharing God’s Word and the good news that Jesus can save you from your sin and welcome you into an eternity with Him.

Thank you for partnering with Thru the Bible in taking the whole Word to the whole world.