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Taking His Whole Word to . . . the Middle East and North Africa

December 27, 2017 camel in desert

Egypt … one of the oldest and most fascinating civilizations on earth. When Joseph, the Old Testament patriarch, lived here 3500 years ago, the Pyramids were already old. On the mighty Nile, Moses was discovered in the reeds and adopted into royalty. And it was in Egypt that Jesus’ adopted father, Joseph, hid his young family. Egypt’s story in the Bible is long.

But today it’s a very unlikely place to even talk about the Bible. Egypt is Islam’s stronghold. Spiritual warfare is touchable and personal and woven into the culture itself. 

Yet in spite of all the opposition, God is working a redemptive plan in Egypt to take the good news of His Son, Jesus Christ—called Issa here—to the Muslim world. A couple years ago, Thru the Bible launched an experiment. Would more Arabic-speaking people around the world be reached with the Word of God if, in addition to radio, we launched a satellite television program? The answer is a resounding, yes!

Thru the Bible’s Arabic TV program, called Kol el Ketab  (Arabic for “The Whole Book”), is now complete. Using Dr. McGee’s transcripts as their notes, three or four Arabic-speaking pastors talk through the Bible. They discuss what the Bible says, book by book, drawing application and introducing people to Issa.

And the result has been incredible. The half-hour TV program airs seven times, every day, on three different satellite networks. It also has an app and it’s on YouTube. That kind of coverage takes God’s Word to huge areas of the globe—into all the countries of the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Australia, and both North and South America.

But behind every number is a personal story. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Arabic people who perhaps had never heard the name of Jesus Christ, now trust Him with their lives. Many of those who have chosen to leave Islam have paid a great price for choosing to follow Jesus. And what about those brothers and sisters in Issa who work behind the scenes with Thru the Bible? At tremendous personal risk, they carry God’s Word … and, with it, the light of the gospel and the hope of eternal life … to the Muslim world. 

This is how you can be involved: Pray for the continued effectiveness of Kol el Ketab in all its media forms (TV, app, YouTube) as it broadcasts into enemy territory. Intercede for the team of people who faithfully follow up with the many who have spiritual questions. Stand in prayer for this creative ministry taking ground in the Middle East and North Africa.