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2017 Year-End Highlights

November 29, 2017 Plant sprouting out of the Bible

A Word from Gregg Harris, TTB President

It is always a joy to look back and celebrate the great things God has done in our ministry. This year, it is a two-fold blessing because 2017 represents our 50th year of Thru the Bible’s ministry! 

#1: Tripled! After 50 years, the ministry has grown well beyond our founder, Dr. J. Vernon McGee’s, dreams. When he died in December 1988, TTB was heard across North America on radio and in 37 languages around the world. Today our English program is heard on more than 1,200 radio stations across North America as well as a large number of digital delivery platforms which record millions of listening sessions each year.  Our global ministry has more than tripled, with programs going out in over 120 languages on radio, portable players, and digital platforms.

#2: English Solar Bible Bus introduced in North America. For the first time in our history, we now offer a completely self-contained device containing all five years of the TTB daily programs and a full audio Bible. Anyone, anywhere on the planet, can use this device (no radio, computer, or even electricity required) and be blessed by studying God’s entire Word. 

#3: Our newest African language program, Luganda, began airing in Uganda in January 2017.  Within the first month of broadcasts, we got word that several Muslim clerics heard the programs and put their faith in Christ!

#4: Flemish broadcast launched. In early January, for the first time, TTB-Flemish programs went on air in Belgium. This largely unchurched country needs God’s Word, and we pray it will take root in many hearts.

#5: Arabic TV program completed its 5-year cycle. Steve Shwetz and I traveled to the Middle East in June 2017 to witness the production of the final episodes of the Kol El Ketab (The Whole Book) television program. This has been Thru the Bible’s largest and most complex ministry project and is now seen almost everywhere around the world as it airs on six different satellite networks, 12 times per day.

#6: Breakthrough in Japan! After years of praying for an open door to resume broadcasts to Japan, God answered our prayers above and beyond what we asked or imagined. TTB-Japanese now airs on 11 FM stations across the country, including one in the capital city of Tokyo.

#7: Pakistan home groups grow in number. A few years ago, TTB launched a new effort in Pakistan: Home listening groups. In 2017, more than one thousand groups study God’s Word together. This is a powerful way to reach a very difficult country.

The testimony of these 50 years is that God’s hand of blessing remains on our ministry together. As you pray and give, you share in the eternal blessings of taking the whole Word to the whole world! Thank you for investing in the proclamation of God’s Word.