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Proclaiming an Amazing God in Amazing Times

December 29, 2016 We live in an amazing time. Did you know that?

In very recent years, God has created opportunities for Thru the Bible to take His name to fascinating countries that some would call difficult. In fact, look over the list of where the World Prayer Team is traveling this month and you might be tempted to see nothing but difficulty. Russia. China. Mongolia. North Korea. The Middle East.

But as prayer warriors, we are called to see differently, to hear a different voice, to follow a different leader. Our focus shifts from what is visible to what is unseen; from what we read in the news to what we believe from the Word.

As you join together in prayer with the Thru the Bible family for people in these difficult places, remember by faith that once-thought-impossible inroads are being carved out in the most improbable deserts … and God’s Word and His grace are flowing like a river into these spiritual wastelands. Let’s boast in the Lord at what He is doing and thank Him for the amazing glimpses we get through letters and emails that assure us that God is trustworthy, faithful, and patient to fulfill His promise that where His Word goes, new life follows.

In our lifetimes, people in many of these “unreachable” regions now have access to God’s Word. Please continue to intercede boldly for their lives and specifically this month, for the light of God’s Word to shine on the dominantly Muslim cultures throughout the world. Ask God for salvation in the name of Jesus Christ to be proclaimed through the daily Arabic broadcast—available online, on television, and on the radio. Pray also for the effective distribution of the Solar Bible Bus in Arabic to those whom the Lord is preparing to receive His Word.

One day we will be able to say that we were delighted to stand in faith before God, interceding for people in this pivotal time and place in world history. To God be the glory—great things He is doing.