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Good News from a Far Country: Stories of transformation

April 22, 2016 african-man-in-market

As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.  -Proverbs 25:25

Every day Thru the Bible offers Dr. McGee’s systematic teaching of the entire Bible to millions across the world in over 100 languages on a vast array of media platforms. Responses pour in from all over the world in large numbers. While those numbers encourage us to consider the scope and breadth of this global outreach, it is the stories of transformation that fuel our passion to keep bringing God’s Word to the world.

To a former Muslim, TTB is “like a door to light:”

“Your radio broadcast is one of a kind. From where I live, Christianity is vague and we do not have literature or books about it. Since my childhood I liked Issa Christ, but because no one could help me know Him, I tried to seek different means and ways. But then I found your program that talks about the truth that Issa taught. I’ve always wanted to have the Holy Bible, but I couldn’t find it in my country because it is forbidden. I was finally able to download it as a phone app, and now I can read it all the time. But I couldn’t have loved the Bible if not for your radio program! It is helping me to understand Issa and His gift. Thru the Bible is like a door to light for me, with all the teachings and explanations. I feel happy and not wanting each episode to end because it is like treasure! Many of those who are around me are listeners too, but they are hesitant to write because of the security issue. Thank you, thank you so much and keep it up.”

Some mission leaders have indicated that more Muslims have turned to Christ in the past generation than in all of human history! Media is one of the primary ways God is reaching the Islamic world. As this listener exhorts us, let’s “keep it up” by continuing to offer God’s Word through radio, satellite TV, apps, Internet, and mobile players.

“I am persecuted by my family,” testifies another former Muslim:

“I am from a Muslim family, but turned to Jesus as a result of my recovery from an illness. Someone from my community prayed over me in the name of Jesus Christ. He was bold and confident and entrusted me to God’s hand for His will to be done. When I recovered, I investigated Jesus myself on your program. I then gave my life to Him. Your program helps me so much. I especially enjoy listening in my own language, Bambara. My faith is built and I am trained in the knowledge and wisdom of the Bible. Pray for me because I am persecuted by my family because of my faith. Thanks to you, I cannot return to my previous Muslim way of life, but it is difficult.”

Persecution is a reality for many of our listeners. While we are not able to personally support them in their trials, we can do much through prayer and by faithfully bringing them the Word of God. That is why listeners in difficult surroundings often plead with us to continue our daily broadcasts that feed their souls.

A listener in India says, “There is no Christian church here:”

“There are around 1600 people in my village, and there is no Christian church here or in any of the villages nearby. So imagine my surprise when I turned on the radio and heard your program! I began listening a little here and there. It was not long after that I surrendered my life to God. In a short time I will become a father, and I am so grateful that your programs will help me to teach my child the truth. To God be the glory.”

It’s difficult for those of us in North America to imagine such limited access to the gospel. Billions of people live in circumstances like this listener. Almost half of the world’s people live on $2 per day. Approximately one billion are illiterate. How do we reach people who live in remote villages and have no local church? They don’t have the resources to leave their villages, and without the ability to read they could not access the Internet even if it were available. This is why we continue to use radio to reach people in such difficult places.

These testimonies show how God is using your prayers and gifts to change lives for eternity. Could there be a better way to invest your resources? Thanks to you, we are able to provide the Word of God that satisfies the spiritual hunger of many desperate souls.

- Gregg Harris, TTB President