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Praying in “the country of orphans”

June 19, 2024

Known to many as “the country of orphans,” more than half of Eswatini’s children are considered vulnerable. Illness (in addition to the highest rate of HIV in the world, tuberculosis is on the rise), extreme poverty, malnourishment, and unemployment are just a few of the factors that threaten their well-being.

Welcome, travelers. Our mission today is simple: Ask God to lavishly shower His grace and mercy on the young and defenseless.

Father, thank You that we can trust You with the children of Eswatini. You know each one—their hopes, their dreams, their needs, and their vulnerabilities. You also know the answers to each of their problems. Let Your Word go out with grace and mercy. May many hear it and believe. Protect these children from those who wish to exploit and harm them. Give them food to eat, a place to lay their heads at night, and medicine for those who are sick. More than anything else, we pray that You reveal Yourself to each one. Teach them Your ways and bring them into a relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. Give these children a true understanding that they are immeasurably loved by You, their Father in heaven, and can be forgiven of any sin. May every boy and girl thrive as they come to know You. And as Your children may they have a deep sense of Your love. In Jesus' name we pray, amen.

Do you have good intentions but still find yourself giving into bad habits? Join us tomorrow as we pray in Angola.

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