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June 18, 2024

Our journey through southern Africa continues today as we hear from a listener named Tefo. He texted:

“I am on my way to Botswana and want to thank you that I will still be able to hear your program. I am grateful for your investment in many different languages and different technologies that make this program possible.”

Praise God that Tefo and millions of others are now able to access THRU the BIBLE in more than 250 languages in a variety of formats. From traditional radio broadcasts, to apps, satellite TV, and so many other options, our mission to get God’s whole Word to the whole world is quickly becoming a reality. Keep praying. Ask God to open doors for His name to be glorified in every corner of the world.

Tomorrow we’re praying in Eswatini … also known as the “country of orphans.”

Listen here to TTB-Shona.