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A fellow team member leads us in prayer for Sweden

June 05, 2024

Some stories and journeys just stick with you. In February after our prayer trek through Sweden, Torin from Montana shared her thoughts:

“It is heartbreaking to hear how poorly the citizens of Sweden respond to God and Bible teaching. I pray for those who do hear your message, that God’s Spirit would reach their heart and touch their lives and transform them by His power. I also pray for your Swedish producer, Curt, that our God would strengthen him to continue faithfully serving his fellow citizens. I ask the Lord for wisdom to make the right decisions about the broadcast and other outreach options for this country. I also pray that the youth of Sweden will turn to God in revival. Dear God, please send Your army to them to reach the youth and cause great change in this country. I am trusting in You.”

As our prayer team once again focuses on Sweden, will you join us in echoing her prayer? (Thanks for sharing, Torin!) God loves to answer us and loves when we trust in Him.

Is the Lord laying a particular story or people group on your heart? We’d love to hear about it. Write to us at [email protected] and meet us tomorrow in the mountains of Norway.

Listen here to TTB-Swedish.