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We have a glorious future ahead

May 28, 2024

We have a glorious future ahead. We received that message loud and clear today as the Bible Bus traveled through Isaiah 61 and 62. Dick in New Hampshire heard the same thing in our study of Colossians. Here’s his story:

“As a nurse missionary with Mercy Ships for two years in West Africa, Steve’s voice beginning our study in God’s Word was my beacon to home—to God and to spend time with Him. Often, I would rise at 5am and listen to you via the internet on satellite. Our calls to North America speaking to our grandchildren would begin, ‘Are you listening to Bible McGee?’ We also have Christian brothers and sisters who have found you through the direction of the Holy Spirit.

“At 2 am this morning, unable to sleep, I turned on Dr. McGee (in Colossians). What strength I find as Paul explains that through Jesus’ unimaginable pain, defamation, and horror we can come to God. Jesus remembered the promises of His Father and stayed the course so that we would be able to come home to heaven when He returns. Stay on the air until there is that day when there is no sunset, just the glorious light of our God in eternity. God continue to bless and protect you all from the evil one.”

Whether we’re aboard a ship in West Africa or on our sofa in Wyoming (or anywhere else in the world, for that matter), pray more people hear God’s Word and see it as a beacon drawing them to Him. May He be our true home and the greatest delight of our lives would be sharing the glorious future He has prepared for those who believe.

Grab your sword and meet us in Canada tomorrow. We’ve got a lot to praise and pray about.