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God loves us more than we can imagine

April 29, 2024

“No other book is going to draw you closer to Jesus Christ than this one—or be more personal. Solomon’s vivid, striking, and bold language paints us a glorious picture of our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.” -From our Bible Companion for Song of Solomon

Salvation is a love affair. That’s what Lily in China is learning as she studies the Song of Solomon. Here’s her story:

“When I first read the Song of Solomon, I thought it was a romantic opera. But after listening to your Cantonese program, I realize it’s about Christ’s love for the church. I have gained much from listening and did not realize how rich the material is and how deep God’s love for us is. It’s more than I could ever imagine. Because of work, I didn’t have time to listen to the whole program, but I am going to look for it. I wish you all the best in bringing glory to God and good things to men, forever!”

As we travel through eastern Asia this week, pray God’s Word draws more listeners like Lily to Him. As they realize His great love for them, may they respond in faith and love for Him.

Ari in Mongolia thought the Bible was boring. Hear his story tomorrow as we pray our way through Mongolia.

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