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The secret to the Christian life

April 24, 2024

“Turn your life over to the Spirit of God. Yield to Him and let Him do for you what you can’t do for yourself.” -Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Living a life that pleases God is impossible to do on our own. That’s what we learned when the Bible Bus traveled through Romans, and it’s what Lenke in Hungary is learning now. Here’s what he recently shared:

“The Holy Spirit is an immense gift from God. I have neither the courage nor the willpower to continue in this life of faith on my own. God’s Spirit graciously sustains me. I thank Jesus that I can proclaim His power to embrace me; I am nothing without Him.”

It’s true, our lives must be lived in God’s power, not ours. The Holy Spirit’s job is to deliver us from frustration and failure. Praise Him for that today in Lenke’s life and yours. As God’s Word goes out in Hungarian today, pray more people come to discover the power of the Holy Spirit and begin to live a life that pleases Him.

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