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Pray for those who are isolated, even in their own families

April 19, 2024

“My husband can stop me from going to church, but he cannot take Jesus from my heart,” says Lakshmi in Andhra Pradesh, India. She continues:

I was invited to a local fellowship, but my husband won’t allow me to participate. Because of this, I started watching your Telugu programs regularly. Even though I’m not able to attend church, I am learning a lot about Jesus Christ, and your messages give me conviction to follow Him. Thank you for bringing God’s Word to me when I cannot go anywhere else to receive it.”

Today thank God His Word is heard throughout South Asia. Pray it reaches more listeners like Lakshmi who are isolated from other believers. Ask Him to change the hearts of any who oppress them, and bring them the opportunity to meet, study, worship, and fellowship with one another.

Next week we’re praying through eastern Europe. Meet us in Belarus on Monday.

Listen here to TTB-Telugu.