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Praying for students

April 17, 2024

“You got me through my exams.”

That’s the message we received from Rina, a student in Tripura, India. She continues:

“A few days ago, I encountered various temptations during my college internal exams, and I had to navigate through them. I persisted and did not give in, relying on my belief that God would aid me. True to my faith, God indeed helped me overcome those temptations. In that challenging period, I reached out to the audience relations team for prayers. They suggested watching the Langmani Khorang program (TTB-Kok Borok, viewed on YouTube), which I promptly began viewing. Watching provided me with much needed encouragement. It offered guidance on how to deepen my faith in God, reinforced the significance of prayer, and provided me with several insights. The program became a source of strength for me. I plan to continue watching it in the future as well. I kindly ask for your continued prayers for me and my parents. I’m committed to praying for this ministry and its endeavors.”

As we intercede for God’s Word to saturate homes and hearts in India, include students like Rina. Pray His Word provides the strength they need to overcome temptations and flourish in their coursework. Ask His Spirit to guide them as they prepare for long and fruitful careers that glorify Him.

We are never alone. That’s the reminder we’ll receive tomorrow in Nepal. Meet us there.

Listen here to TTB-Kok Borok.