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Asking God to move in a mighty way throughout Western Sahara

April 09, 2024

Entirely Muslim. That’s how many describe the people of Western Sahara. Although there is some hope, a handful of isolated believers are sprinkled throughout the country, it is unlikely that most in this country will ever have the chance to hear the gospel—unless something changes.

So today as we pray our way through this vast and desolate land, ask God to move in a mighty way. As you come before Him, here are a few specifics to pray about:

  • Pray that God’s Word is heard without interference and with anticipation.
  • Pray the Holy Spirit moves in the hearts of people, drawing them to Jesus and revealing Him  in ways we can understand and respond to.
  • Pray the handful of Christians who may be scattered throughout the country have the opportunity to gather, study God’s Word, and fellowship.
  • Pray what is now an almost entirely Muslim nation one day becomes a nation entirely devoted to God’s Word and His glory.

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