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The life changing love of God

April 08, 2024

“I am loved by God.”

That’s the beginning of an email we received from a listener in Algeria. She continues:

“Thank you for helping me realize this good news. I have never felt loved in my entire life, and now I am changed. I feel confident, complete, and courageous. Thank you for helping me understand God’s Word. I am glad you help us all, and I am encouraged to pray for others as well now. I have gone through many hardships and sometimes I wanted to connect, but I was afraid those around me will discover my new faith. However, when I remember your words, I feel uplifted and I will keep trying to connect with other believers online.”

It's true—when we understand the powerful love of God, it changes everything. The way we see Him, the way we see ourselves, the way we see others, and the way we see the world. Have you experienced His great love for you? If so, thank Him for how His love has changed your life, and pray for more people in the Muslim-dominant country of Algeria to hear His Word and discover how much He cares for each of them.

Our prayer journey takes us to Western Sahara tomorrow. See you there.

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