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Praying to do away with “do-it-yourself spirituality” in Uruguay

April 05, 2024

Our journey through South America ends with a visit to Uruguay, known as the most secular nation in all of Latin America. As you prepare to pray, keep these few things in mind:

  • Many Uruguayans follow a “do-it-yourself” spirituality influenced by New Age ideas.
  • Uruguay has some of the highest rates of suicide, depression, abortion, and divorce in the region.\
  • The nation values its secular mindset and has even been known to refer to Holy Week as “Tourism Week.”

We know Jesus is the answer to all of these problems. So today as we ask God to reach more Uruguayans with His Word, thank Him for Susana who jumps aboard the Bible Bus with us each day:

“I am writing to you from Colonia Valdense, a small city in the southwest. I have listened to you since 1990. Your programs are a bright light and great blessing to my life. May the Lord continue to guide you for many more years. Thank you very much for spreading the message of salvation. I have shared it with many who have needed this good news. Your perspective is needed and appreciated by so many. It is a pleasure to labor together.”

Your prayers are needed as we pray through North Africa next week. We’ll meet you in Algeria on Monday.

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