World Prayer Today

Come join the celebration in Kyrgyzstan

March 19, 2024

God answers the prayers of His people. We see it all the time on the World Prayer Team, and a listener in Kyrgyzstan sees it, too. He shares:

“God is good! He answers our prayers … big and small. Recently a neighbor we had been praying for has joined in listening to your study. He too is beginning to see the benefits of God’s Word. I write to you so someone will hear our good news and celebrate with us! We will keep praising Him and thanking for your teaching as long as we can. May you be blessed.”

Let’s agree and celebrate God’s goodness today. Thank Him that He listens, He cares, and He answers us. Is He answering your prayers too? Tell someone about it. Sing, shout, and share His glory today.

God’s Word is going out in Uzbekistan, join us as we pray for the safety of our fellow believers.