World Prayer Today

Praying for Muslims resistant to God’s Word

March 13, 2024

We love to tell stories of the great things God is doing through His Word around the world. However, as you can imagine, wherever THRU the BIBLE is heard it can also cause quite a controversy. That’s especially true in Muslim-dominant countries. In fact, it’s not uncommon for local teams to receive angry emails and texts like this one from Muhammad:

“You are spreading lies. Your Bible is not true, only the Quran can give answers. You are an abomination to mankind.”

Today pray for Kol el Ketab (THRU the BIBLE’S Arabic program on satellite TV). Ask God to change the resistant minds of viewers like Muhammad and protect the teams who work tirelessly to produce programs that will respectfully challenge their beliefs. May God’s name be glorified in each part of the process and many Muslims turn to His Son, Jesus, as their Savior.

Tomorrow we’re praying for the Bible Bus in Turkey. Let’s meet there.