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Study with a buddy

March 01, 2024

Listen to counsel and receive instruction,that you may be wise in your latter days. -Proverbs 19:20

Wonderful things can happen when you study God’s Word with a friend. That’s what Darith in Cambodia recently shared. Here’s his story:

“I found your program and began to listen every day. My life improved both physically and spiritually. I soon chose to receive God’s mercy and became His child. With His grace working through me, I was able to lead one of my neighbors to faith in Jesus Christ. Now we have joined forces. Your programs take us very deep and our conversations after are invaluable. We challenge one another’s attitudes and actions and support each other with God’s Word when it is needed. We push one another to continue. In the end, we’ve learned more and have become stronger in our faith together than we would have on our own.”

As we thank God for those He’s bringing together all over the world to study His Word, pray about who you might invite to join you. As you study together, may you too grow in wisdom.

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