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Pray for the church to grow in Nicaragua

February 05, 2024

Good things are happening as God’s Word goes out in Nicaragua. That’s the news we hear from a listener named Felix. He says:

“Excellent program. I have been listening to it for several years. I have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my God, as my one and only sufficient, personal Savior. May God bless you, help you, and protect you. And may He give you energy, strength, and great enthusiasm to continue in the spiritual battle. I ask Him to reach many in different parts of the world with this teaching so they may receive our God and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Felix is one of us—he’s a prayer warrior. Today use his words as a springboard for your own intercession. Ask God to give enthusiasm, energy, and strength to all those sharing His Word in Central America, the Caribbean, and around the world. May their efforts be multiplied and the body of Christ increase each day.

What is God doing in your life as we go THRU the BIBLE? A listener in Aruba answers that question tomorrow on World Prayer Today.

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