World Prayer Today

A message of gratitude from Gregg Harris

January 26, 2024

As we come to the end of our month-long whirlwind tour around the world, we’ve got the best ahead of us! Join us on Monday as we start our week-by-week regional prayer trek.

Until then, here’s a quick note from THRU the BIBLE president, Gregg Harris, thanking you for your investment in this ministry:

Dear Team,

I had my assignment. As we got ready to record our weekly conversations in the studio for December, Steve and I were asked to bring our favorite letters from 2023 to share. I realized that a common factor in all my favorite stories was that they were shared by everyday, ordinary, broken people discovering the precious life of Jesus Christ, alive in them—and they couldn’t help but share it with someone else. Let me share a line or two from some favorites:

Susan from the UK writes of the World Prayer Team: “I am so encouraged and uplifted by the notes from brothers and sisters all over the world … I take each request to heart, and I keep a notebook to write down some of the letters that especially touch me.”

John from Ohio shares: “The Bible Bus has been a light in my darkness and is guiding me as I help others. I listen to your program daily at my lunch break, and I’ve now got about 12 others who join me. Please pray we will be a light to those around us.”

Amanda, a young mom, says: “Thank you for teaching me different lessons at different stages of my Christian growth. Thank you for keeping it available for the next generation. We need it and so will they!"

I’m opening a new folder for my favorite letters of 2024. I’d love to include yours and can’t wait to share with you all the letters we receive from others around the world.

Thank you for your generosity in prayer and spirit—these letters are a testimony to your faithful investment in 2023. Let’s do it again this year as we follow God’s lead. I’m so grateful for your partnership.

Grateful for you,

Gregg Harris

Next week we’re off to eastern Africa. Join us on Monday in Sudan.