World Prayer Today

A rare response from Sweden

January 22, 2024

Since 1994, THRU the BIBLE has aired God’s Word in Sweden with very few responses. That’s why it’s especially sweet when we hear from listeners like Gillis who says:

“I live in a country that is godless. There are very few Christians here, and those that are remain silent most of the time. That is why I am grateful for your program. The Bible teaching and stories you share give hope. I know others listen, but they do not talk about it. Please pray for me that I might be faithful and find believers who would like to gather casually and talk about spiritual things. I long to be in community.”

As we’ve learned in previous prayer journeys, the nation of Sweden is in serious spiritual decline. Most Swedes (especially youth) believe that church and God are not relevant to daily life. Today as you pray for Gillis and all those who are hearing God’s Word taught on THRU the BIBLE in Sweden, ask God to encourage our team, led by producer Curt Westman. May they know their efforts are not in vain and that God is using them for His purposes and glory.

There is great joy in praying together. That’s what we find when we meet with fellow World Prayer Team member, Joan, in San Diego, California. Come along as we travel to the sand and sunshine tomorrow.

Listen here to TTB-Swedish.