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Discovering the greatness of God

November 17, 2023

Great is our Lord, and mighty in power. -Psalm 147:5 

“Jesus is way bigger and more powerful than I expected!” 

That’s what we hear from Shnoudeh, as together we pray our way through Egypt. Here’s the rest of his story: 

“I was truly blinded by what I was taught by my parents. I found you by accident, and when I started to study the Bible with you and read the Word of God, I felt the peace I’ve always heard about and wanted. I believe now that I am a true follower of Christ. I am a real Christian as of now, this minute. May God bless you. Keep praying for me and my wife, too.”

Today let’s celebrate. Although more than 87% of Egyptians claim Islam as their faith, quietly and consistently, God is calling more people like Shnoudeh to Himself. Pray more Egyptians find THRU the BIBLE and join us as we study His Word. As they do, may they too realize the power and greatness of our Lord.

As God’s Word goes out in French, great things are happening. Hear more tomorrow as we praise and pray together.

Listen here to TTB-Arabic.