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God’s Word is going out in Yemen

October 30, 2023

Life for most Yemenis is brutal. Once known as Arabia Felix, or the “Happy Land,” today Yemen is the poorest nation in the region and faces the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. Decades of war and unrest have caused social, political, and economic instability. Over 80% of the population is in dire need of humanitarian assistance—half of those are children. In addition, Yemen is one the least evangelized countries on the planet, and the very few who choose to follow Jesus are in danger or extreme persecution.

Despite all this, God is faithfully pursuing His people. Through social media, Christians are meeting together … and sharing God’s Word. Here’s what one listener who recently hopped aboard the Bible Bus had to say:

“I wish to know more about your Bible and your faith. I found your program after seeing the Facebook page. The title drew my attention, and then I clicked the link and started listening. I kept going back to the website to listen to one or two episodes a day. I cannot say I understand it all, but interest has grown in my heart. I would love to hear about your faith, and I would love this new, strange, and beautiful feeling that I get whenever I listen to continue! Is Christ real? Is He still living and can be sensed and talked to? Help me in this, please.”

Thank God His Word is accomplishing His purposes in Yemen and in our own communities. As it goes out today on THRU the BIBLE in Arabic, English, and in more than 250 languages, thank God for His Spirit that works mightily in the hearts of all who hear it.

We’re praying our way through Azerbaijan tomorrow. See you there!

Listen here to TTB-Arabic.