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The good and bad news from Czechia

October 26, 2023

Welcome, prayer team. Our travels today bring us to Czechia where we’ve got both good and bad news to share. Let’s start with the difficult and move to the glorious.

The bad:

  • Over 70% of Czechs consider themselves non-religious. Therefore, the largest religion in Czechia is no religion at all.
  • Substance abuse, depression, and suicide are more prevalent today than in Communist times.
  • Roughly 50% of all marriages end in divorce, and many are addicted to pornography as Prague is home to the largest European porn company.
  • Less than 1% of the population are Bible-believing Christians.

The (really) good:

Despite the grim statistics, every day God’s Word is changing lives, families, and communities. Rejoice with us in these stories!

From Stanislav: “I was an irregular listener of your program, then one day I heard your study on Psalms and couldn’t stop. I am surprised how much of the Bible applies to life today.”

From Ronina: “The study is very thorough and interesting. It is drawing attention from people in this area. We hope and pray nonbelievers listen to it, too. Greetings from our family.”

From Lubo: “Your straight biblical teaching is heard in my neighborhood. People talk about it in the church as well as the nearby nursing home where many people spend the autumn of life. We are grateful to have you as a trusted resource.”

Today as we pray for God’s Word heard in the Czech language, here are a few specifics we can focus on:

  • Pray for a spiritual hunger that leads the Czech people to genuinely seek God.
  • Pray hearts that are hard towards Jesus and His church will be softened by the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray for the Spirit’s conviction of sin; that many would repent and find faith in Christ.
  • Ask God to lift the spiritual heaviness from over Czechia.

  • Our prayer trek through western Europe concludes tomorrow. Meet us in Germany.

    Listen here to TTB-Czech.