World Prayer Today

Growing Home Groups in Gujarat

October 12, 2023

Known as a hotbed for religious tension—where Hindu extremist groups have the support of the state government and local police—Gujarat, India, seems an unlikely place for God’s Word to take root. So, be glad in the Lord as a fellow Bible Bus passenger tells his story:

“This home group changed my life and prepared me to share the gospel with others in my community with boldness. Since then, I have started three more groups who listen in the Gujarati language. There are others too who are keen to join. The members in each of the groups are being strengthened in the Word of God. I am grateful to be a part of this movement. It has given me purpose and meaning far greater than I thought.” 

Today pray for Home Groups like this one in Gujarat. Ask God to protect them, guide them, and grow them until each village and town has a safe place for believers to worship, study, and fellowship together.

We’ll stick around Gujarat for another prayer assignment tomorrow—see you then!