World Prayer Today

Open doors in Nepal

October 09, 2023

Unless the Lord builds the house,they labor in vain who build it …. -Psalm 127:1

If you’ve been on the World Prayer Team for a while, you’ve been an instrumental part of praying for our Home Groups. This movement of the gospel being spread, house to house, is happening in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and North Africa as people listen to THRU the BIBLE in their own heart languages.

This week we’ll travel to five different areas to pray alongside those who are making this ministry happen. Today we’re in Nepal where we meet with a listener who shares:

“I live in eastern Nepal. I am a housewife, so I have plenty of time to spend listening to this program and consuming heavenly food. It has been important in shaping my and my family’s life spiritually. I believe THRU the BIBLE is one of the most needed programs for all believers and nonbelievers. Through this program, our lifestyle is being changed. It has been helping us to stand up for our faith. Our knowledge of the Bible has grown considerably. As I learned more, I began to plan a home group in my neighborhood where there are few believers, and the ones that do believe are so weak in their faith, they are not living a full Christian life. Please pray God’s Word will bring reformation in the lives of people and He alone will direct each one.” 

Keep praying, team. God is at work! Ask Him to multiply the ministry of listeners like this one whom He has called to share His Word. Ask Him to direct the expansion of many more new languages and ways to disseminate the audio content in areas we have never tread. May He open doors to extend the reach even to the most remote village of this nation. Pray our eyes are focused solely on Him as He builds the house and we tend to His plans. 

Tomorrow, we journey together to Bangladesh. Come along on your knees.