World Prayer Today

God can handle our deep, dark secrets

October 04, 2023

Trust in Him at all times, you people;pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us. -Psalm 62:8

Do you have a secret you can’t share? A great embarrassment? A shameful sin? A lofty goal? A deep heartbreak?

Sometimes it’s hard to speak our hearts with those closest to us. But as the Bible Bus rolls through Psalms, we’re learning how to pour our hearts before God. Deep devotion, intense feeling, exalted emotion, and dark dejection … the Israelites show us that God is ready to hear them all.

Today as God’s Word goes out in Grenada, pray more people hear it and choose to trust Him. As they draw close and pour out their deepest needs, longings, and hurts before Him, may they find He is their refuge—ready and willingly to carry each of our sorrows and joys as His own.

God’s Word lifts a young Panamanian listener out of a pit of despair. Join us tomorrow for this great story.

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