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Serving God at each age and stage of life

August 16, 2023

Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bear fruit in old age; they shall be fresh and flourishing. -Psalm 92:13-14

As we’ve traveled the world together on our knees, we’ve found that fewer than 20% of Sikhs know a Christian and in some people groups and regions, the name of Jesus has never been heard. So today as we gather to pray, we stop and meet a listener named Anita who lives in Punjab, the heart of India’s Sikh community.

“There are many who need to hear of God’s love, and I used to share it when I was physically fit. Now with old age and knee problems, I am not able to walk around. I can’t go to church regularly because it is quite far from my place. In spite of all this, I thank God because with you, I can listen to His Word from the comfort of my home. I feel that the church is at my home. It satisfies all my spiritual needs. I have also found that God can use my prayers. It delights me to know I can still be of service to Him even though I am not mobile. Please join me in praying that others will be willing to take up where I left off.”

As we pray for God’s Word to reach more Sikhs in Punjab, thank Him for those like Anita who serve Him at each stage of life. May her life inspire each of us to be “fresh and flourishing” in our faith as well.

God’s Word is multiplying in India. Hear more tomorrow as our journey through southern Asia continues.

Listen here to TTB-Punjabi.