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No church? No problem.

August 15, 2023

No church? No problem. That’s the story we hear from a listener in Karnataka, India. He shares:

“Every day I listen to your program. There are ten families from a different faith that live near me. I used to increase the volume in order to make them listen to these Bible studies. They began to gather and study with much zeal. There are no churches nearby, so you are now our church. I have given a Bible to each family that comes. Together we have studied Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. This has impacted our community very much. Please pray that as we continue, they experience the fullness of life and confess that Jesus is Lord. I will try to introduce your program to many more people in the coming days.”

No matter how many stories we hear, the power of God’s Word and the willingness of His people to share it are such an encouragement. Today thank Him for this listener and all those who reach out to others in His name. Ask Him to expand their ministries and may His name be praised in the hearts of all those who hear His Word.

We’re not done praying through India. See you tomorrow in Punjab.