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Praying for no fear in following God

August 09, 2023

All in for God. That’s what Isandro, a listener of THRU the BIBLE in Angola, tells us he wants to be. Here’s his story.

“I said I was a Christian, but I didn’t really live like one. Then one day I heard your teaching on Daniel. My life was changed. I was saved, and now I want to live a life like Daniel’s. I want to have no fear and follow God at any cost. I only want to do things that please Him. I ask God to give me the courage to do so.”

That’s a great request. Today as we travel on our knees, let’s echo that prayer in our lives and in the lives of our brothers and sister in Angola. May each of us have the courage to choose Him above everything else that comes our way.

Ready for another good God story? Abdoulaye in Cameroon shares his tomorrow.

Listen here to TTB-Umbundu.