World Prayer Today

“I can’t get enough of God’s Word”

July 27, 2023

“I can’t get enough of God’s Word.”

That’s what we hear from Greg in Palm Springs, California. Here’s his story.

“Dr. McGee’s teaching has absolutely changed how I read God’s Word. It’s as if the Holy Spirit has flipped the switch in my brain, and it’s so good. Things that once seemed too difficult to understand suddenly make sense. As I study, I have commitment to pray that others will have the same experience. I hope everyone who hops aboard the Bible Bus will feel they can’t get enough as well.”

Today let’s pray alongside Greg in asking God’s Spirit to open His Word to each of us. As we study together, may our hearts desire more of Him and His Word.

Our final stop this week is in New Jersey, where Vanessa shares her surprise over learning to love a book of the Bible she used to avoid. See you there.