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Wise words from a seasoned soul

July 25, 2023

Keep studying God’s Word. That’s the encouragement we receive today from Rick, a fellow World Prayer Team member in Tennessee. Here’s his story.

“I’ve had many trials including an unwanted divorce and cancer. I can no longer speak or eat solid food, but life is still good. After the divorce, I was fortunate to marry a Christian woman who is standing by my side, and together we have been used by God in our church’s divorce care ministry and in the hospital throughout my cancer treatments.

“I’m thankful today for the different struggles and hardships in my life. All of them brought me closer and closer to God. For the last three years, I have been known as ‘Rick the elevator guy’ at a local hospital. I work five days a week helping patients, holding elevator doors, walking through chemo, sharing love, and encouraging the staff who work so hard. I love this job. I’ve never been so happy. My life is not easy, every day is a challenge, but this is where God wants me, and through prayer He is seeing me through. I ask Him each day to pour His love over me and use me to share that love with others.

“I’ve been a Christian for 30 years, and I’m still learning. He will only reveal to us what He believes we are ready to hear. The learning will never stop.”

Those are wise words. Today let’s ask God to open the eyes of all of us on the Bible Bus to what we are ready to hear and keep us faithful in our pursuit of Him. Like Rick, may we follow Him in the good times and the bad and trust Him to use us for His glory.

Our journey continues tomorrow as we pray alongside a prisoner in Puerto Rico. We’ll meet you there.