World Prayer Today

The consequences of sin aren’t worth it

March 23, 2023

As we travel through God’s whole Word together, Dr. McGee is clear to point out that consequences of sin aren’t worth any momentary pleasure. That’s also the message we hear from a listener in Gabon. She shares:

“The result of sin is destruction. I have seen it in my life. I was a vagabond who committed many various evil deeds. I spent huge amounts of money for unrighteous things. But God set me free from the darkness of this world. Just as I was losing hope, Jesus reached me. He saved me through your program, and I began to walk in truth. Sin is not worth it. That’s why God warns us through His Word. There are consequences that follow us forever, but now I praise God He saved me and set me free. I want others to know sin is not worth it. Following God is always the best decision.”

That’s great advice. As we thank the Lord for our deliverance from sin’s ultimate consequence, let’s also ask Him to help us avoid the many temptations we face:

Father, thank You for the reminder that You hate sin. Thank You for the forgiveness You offer us when we stray. We are grateful for the new beginning You give us each day and pray Your Spirit will lead us in a life of victory over weakness and indifference. As we study Your Word, make us stronger and more determined to become more like Jesus in all we do. In His precious name we pray, amen.

A death in the family brings difficulties for a listener in the DR Congo. Meet you there tomorrow.

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