World Prayer Today

Praying for hope in the DR Congo

March 21, 2023

Life in the DR Congo is difficult. In addition to scars left from years of violence, brutality, and disease, today more than 64% (roughly 60 million people) live on less than $2.15 a day. It’s against this backdrop we pray for THRU the BIBLE to reach listeners like this one:

I am a pastor from Goma in Democratic Republic of Congo. I listen to you regularly and I love your teachings. You inspire me when I prepare my sermons and give me encouragement when the task seems too big. I consider you an important part of my team and am grateful for the assistance you provide.”

Thank God for this gentleman and all those who reach out with God’s Word in Africa. Ask Him to expand their ministries and bear fruit as they share the name of Jesus in big cities and small villages. Through them may hope be restored and comfort be shared with those suffering the effects of poverty and the pain of war.

Don’t miss the good stuff in God’s Word. Hear more tomorrow as we travel on our knees to Angola.

Listen here to TTB-African English.