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Pray for freedom of religion in Iran

March 16, 2023

Welcome, World Prayer Team. On previous journeys through the country of Iran we’ve learned that Christians who convert from Islam are targeted by the state. Iranian authorities frequently surveil and raid house churches, and pastors and church members can be arrested and imprisoned, often on charges of threatening national security or promoting Christianity.

Today as we travel through Iran on our knees, thank God for this brother and all those who are following Him despite the risks. Pray that the turning point for freedom of believers to meet, worship, and share their faith with others is near. Karim writes,

“In your teaching I am finding answers to questions I have had for many, many years. I am looking at things in new ways and I am astonished at what I am learning. Please pray for the safety of my family and all believers in Iran. Please keep telling us about God.”

Are you praying for an unsaved family member? Maat in Egypt is, too. Hear his story tomorrow as our journey continues.

Watch TTB-Persian here.