World Prayer Today

“I want more of God every day.”

March 08, 2023

“God’s Word is no longer dry and difficult for me understand.”

That’s the start of a great letter we received recently from a fellow listener in Vietnam. Here’s the rest of his story:

“Since I have begun studying with you, my life has really changed. At first the idea was unattractive … it sounded boring. But what this program offers is beyond all my thoughts. It is a spiritual renewal when we see God clearly and enter into a relationship full of love and attachment with God. This program, through the work of the Holy Spirit, does not promise a new environment or a new situation for those who are struggling, but a new thinking and a new mind. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that all my needs, all my desires, have been replaced by a need, a single desire to know God and love God. I want more of God every day.”

That’s amazing. Today as God’s Word goes out in Vietnam, in our hometowns, and in more than 200 languages worldwide, pray that each person who hears it also desires more of God every day. As we pray for them, may knowing Him and sharing Him with others be our singular desire as well.

“God is always on time,” says Malee in Thailand. Hear her story tomorrow.

Listen here to TTB-Vietnamese.