World Prayer Today

A bubbling excitement to share God’s Word

February 22, 2023

Just like a carbonated drink when it’s shaken and opened, I am bubbling over with excitement as I hear the Word of God.”

That’s the enthusiastic start to a letter we received from Christos in Greece. Here’s more:

Months ago, I heard your program for the first time. I really never understood God’s Word before, and I was fascinated. I began listening every day and called to ask you to send me a copy of the Bible. Well, I’ve listened to so many of your episodes now, I’ve begun to tell my friends at the coffeehouse about you and they would like you to send them Bibles, too. We are going to start listening together and inviting others to join us. My wife tells me I talk too much about you, but in truth I’m just talking about God. I cannot contain the joy I feel as I learn more. Please pray a large group will form and God will be known to more people in my town.”

Isn’t that great? As we pray for Christos and his budding ministry in Greece, pray God gives each of us a bubbling excitement about sharing His name and Word with others. Need help on how to get started? Invite them to hop aboard the Bible Bus with you, or share some of these resources on how to know God.

“Faith replaced my fears,” that’s what we hear from a listener in Albania tomorrow. Meet us there.

Listen here to TTB-Greek.